About Us

We are Iyengar Yoga practitioners and teachers across the USA. We were activists, devoted to dismantling oppressive systems and creating a better, more equitable society, before we became Iyengar Yoga enthusiasts. Now, we are actively merging the two paths, collaborating, and inviting others to join us. This blog is an entry point and gathering place for us to dialogue, exchange thoughts and ideas, and support each other as we embrace this important work of embodied spiritual practice in our communities and in the world.

Current participants include:

Hong Gwi-Seok (Peggy Kwi-Suk Hong), Detroit, MI, CIYT Intermediate Senior I, StillinSirsasana.blogspot.com

Avery Kalapa, Albuquerque NM CIYT Intro 1,2 eRYT500 averyakalapa.com